Build your DVD library and expand your knowledgebase with these training videos from masters in the Art, including many first generation masters such as Jack Sera, Bill Hulsey, and Dave Hopkins.



Master Jack Sera San Soo Kung Fu DVDs

San  Soo Videos – 12 Baton Exercises/Lessons Video – Master Jack Sera Class Videos – San Soo Videos – The Basic 45, DVD Set and Videos

Master J. Michael Rockwell San Soo Kung Fu DVDs

San Soo Broadsword Form and Application DVD – San Soo (Hand & Staff) Form 1 with Applications 2-DVD Set – San Soo Staff Form 1 with Application DVD -San Soo Hand Form 1 with Application DVD – San Soo (Hand & Pu Dao) Form 2 with Applications 2-DVD Set – San Soo Pu Dao Form 2 with Application DVD – San Soo Hand Form 2 with Application DVD

2CO is the authorized retailer for San Soo Advanced Fighting Concepts

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Master Dave Hopkins Kung Fu San Soo DVDdisk

Master Dave Hopkins

Street Fighting Volumes 1 – 4 – Total Body Fighting Volumes 1 & 2 featuring masters Dave Hopkins and George Kosty – Kung Fu San Soo training videos volumes 1 – 5 featuring masters Dave Hopkins and Bill Vigil

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Kung Fu San Soo Master Bill Hulsey Online Store


Master Bill Hulsey

First generation Master, Bill Hulsey offers over 30 Kung Fu San Soo DVD titles including training, lessons, techniques and seminars. These include everything from White Belt to Advanced Black Belt Techniques, Numpi Lessons, Top Ga Lessons, Hand Forms, Staff Forms, Fut Ga Lessons, and more!

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Master Eric Hermansendisk

Master Eric Hermansen

Master Eric Hermansen offers over 20 Kung Fu San Soo video titles featuring Kung Fu San Soo Basics, Staff Forms, Hand Forms, Broadsword Forms, Ah Soo (Basic 45), Dap Ga, Fut Ga, Tsoi Li Hoi, Hand To Hand Combat and many more!

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Mark Colby Kung Fu San Soo


Master Mark Colby

Master Mark Colby Complete and Detailed Kung Fu San Soo Techniques and Forms “Just as if you  were being taught in the studio.” . With over 60 titles, Master Colby offers the largest collection of Kung Fu San Soo instructional videos anywhere! Subjects include: Dap Ga’s, Joint Locks, Leverages, Spear, Single Sword, Double Sword, Chai, & Song Dal, Baton Teaching, Baton Exercises and Baton Application, Knife Take Aways, Chai, Song Dal (Butterfly Swords), Ripping Swords, & Crescent Moon Knives, Dynamic Tension, San Soo Defense Forms, 5 Base Form, and many more!

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kung fu san soo short range combat


Master Josh Raha / Master Dan Hoffman

Kung Fu San Soo Short Range Combat Vol. 1 DVD, 17 self-defense lessons presented by Master Josh Raha and Master Dan Hoffman.

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gerald okamura dvd 1


Master Gerald Okamura

Volume 1. Featuring Gerald Okamura. In Volume One, Master Okamura covers the basic warm-up exercises required to avoid injury while training, offensive and defensive stances, striking targets and the kicking attacks in Kung-fu San Soo. 55 minutes.

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 gerald okamura dvd 2


Volume 2. Featuring Gerald Okamura. Volume two covers intermediate warm-up exercises, striking exercises, common grabs and effective responses, the theory of turning common objects into effective defensive weapons, intermediate strikes and their applications and sparring in Kung-fu San Soo. 55 minutes.

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 gerald okamura dvd set

Save BIG and order the 2 DVD set!

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Master Gary Danielson

Kung Fu San Soo: Real World


After the successful release of “Kung Fu San Soo, Basic Ideas and Techniques”, Master Gary Danielson is proud to announce the release of his second DVD entitled, Kung Fu San Soo – The Real World”.  On this disc, Gary will show many useful lessons against different kinds of “Real World” attacks as well as fighting concepts such as Triangles and Leverage to maximize your power with the least amount of effort.  You will see a variety of lessons covering Triangles, Throws, A Counter against a Boxer, Advanced Knife Lesson and much more. These lessons are designed for real life attacks both offensive and defensive in nature.  Everything is explained in detail so you will get the full understanding of the technique.  This is a must have instructional DVD for Martial Art practitioners of any rank or fighting style.  Get your DVD today!!!!

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